chainring rubbing...

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Hey there,

Been recabling up my road bike and notice
that when the chain is on the inner chainring
and outer of cassette that the chain rubs
on the lower half of the outer chainring
(as the chain leaves chainset).

Any ideas on what problems i could have
with my setup?

Many thanks,


  • hopper1
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    It's not advised to run that gear selection as the angles are so severe!
    I think that most chainsets will rub in that situation.
    If you're riding and needed that size of gear, then chainge up to the outer ring and move up the rear cassette, too.
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  • bexley5200
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    what chainset are you using
    going downhill slowly
  • OneLessCar
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    The chainset is FSA Gossamer compact,
    came with an 18 month old Planet X
    SL Pro

    Does this make a difference?

    It did always seem quite noisy...
  • a.palmer
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    You're not meant to use that gear combo, that's why it's rubbing. The same gearing can be achieved, as hopper1 said, in the big ring and moving up on the cassette, but it wont put the sideways strain on the chain and sprockets.
  • careful
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    Completely agree with everything said so far, but just to answer your question, yes the probem will be particularly severe with a compact because of the big difference in chainring sizes.