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Front Derailleur

mattrgeemattrgee Posts: 157
edited May 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi all,

Is the middle chain ring and outer rear sprocket considered an extreme gear combination? I'm servicing my front derailleur today but the chain is rubbing the outer chain plate of the front derailleur in this gear combination.




  • inthemiczinthemicz Posts: 39
    Not really but you may find that there is a similar ration on the large chain ring and somewhere in the middle of the rear.

    Just pop in your chainring and cassette sizes on this site. It will soon tell you.

    Alternatively just unscrew the adjuster on the front shifter a little and it should go away.
  • mattrgeemattrgee Posts: 157
    Doing so I suspect will then cause the inner sprocket to run against the inner chain plate of the derailleur. Is it normal to have some rubbing when using the inner most and outer most sprockets? i.e just live with it?
  • inthemiczinthemicz Posts: 39
    You may be able to adjust it so that you get neither but it will be a fine adjustment. I would just decide if you are more likely to use middle top or middle bottom and set it so that it doesn't rub on your favoured one.
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