Help and suggestions for new bike please

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I intend to buy a new mountain bike at the beginning of next month and need some help with choosing the right one. My mum is being kind enough to give me £100 towards it brining my total budget to £400 (that really is the limit!)

I intend to use the bike for trails and for use around some of the local mountains. Ideally I want a hardtail and have so far been looking at what Halfords have to offer mainly because of price.

The only bikes that have caught my eye (from Halfords at least) are the Carrera Vulcan Disc Spec and the GT Aggressor XC 3 (the GT having the main benefit of hydraulic disc breaks)

I'm sure there are more bikes out there in my price range but sifting through the duff from the good ones is a challenge for the noob i am. Any pointers in the right direction would be extremely helpful.

Thanks in advance


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    you could try the new saracen mantra or check out some of the big brand names like kona or giant
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    £400 should get you a good starter ready for upgrading if you get bitten by the bug.
    A few suggestions i started on a Kona and had 8 happy years out of my KONA LANAI, the KONA FIRE MOUNTAIN is about your budget and a great starter. The SPECIALIZED HARDROCK has had good reviews and is on budget, plus the confidence of buying from one of the biggest names. Keep your eyes peeled coz halfords do have the occassional sale and the Carrera Fury and Voodoo Bokor are top entry level bikes. :D
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    Unlucky - you just missed a sale which would've had the better Carrera Kraken in your budget.

    I doubt you could beat the bikes you linked to at this budget, unless you found something else heavily reduced. Both bikes have the same fork, although the GT has an extra 20mm of fork travel. You're right in that it also has the better brakes. If I were you, I'd get down to Halfords and try them out and see which fits best. Both are good entry level bikes so I'd just go for whichever feels best.
  • the normal disc is good at about £50 more and the combi has a lower frame meaning it aint to bad at jumping
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    Thanks for the replies.

    asdfhjkl - I saw the sale but unfortunately I'd only just started looking and wasn't sure how good each bike in the sale was and by the time I'd found out the sale was over, gutted! I'm hoping they have another sale at the start of next month but not getting my hopes up.

    If there is I would go for the Kraken but if not I think it will be the Vulcan....unless anybody else has some suggestions?
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    both good bikes. Unless you are in a real hurry you could wait for a halfords offer.

    This link shows you the recent Halfods offers - you will see that Carrera and GT offers come around relatively often. ... yId_201501

    Good luck
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    cheers for the link! Not looking to rush into buying so hopefully there will be another deal soon (does seem likely)
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    The Kraken and GTs [and decathlon] are by far the best value at these prices.