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Rear brake not releasing

shuckburghshuckburgh Posts: 18
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I've just replaced worn brake blocks, but the rear brake is now not releasing correctly so that after two or three pulls on the brake levers the pads remain in contact with the rims. I think the problem is the cable sticking as it passes through the final cable cover - if I pull on the cable here the brake releases. I've tried spraying some lube on all the contact and entry/exit points, but the brake just won't release.

Any thoughts or suggestions, or does it look like new cables are required. Hopefully not - my summer bike is in pieces having just had a frame crack repaired, and I need this bike to be in working order for an audax next weekend. In the meantime, it looks like I'll be riding on the turbo where brakes aren't required!!


  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    Take the cable out of the rear outer and clean it all. Lub and refit. It could also be the brake itself seizing up. While the cable is off spray with WD40 (or simil;ar) and work it by hand through its full movement. Having the wheel out may help. If it frees off then lube with chain dry lube or thin oil. Do not get any lubes on the brake blocks
  • PK1PK1 Posts: 193
    i had the same problem, just replaced the inner and the back outer cables and everything is now fine. Tried relubing first , helped a bit , but not 100%

    Shouldn't cost too much..
  • bnmcmhnbnmcmhn Posts: 40
    I had this problem with my front brake.

    If cleaning cables doesn't do it,and cables look in fair condition, the calipers will be clogged with dirt.

    If wd-50 (or perferably gt85) doesn't free it up after several resprays, it means that the muck had got to a point where you're only option is take it apart, clean, and grease. This is what I had to do with my ultegras after winter. I make sure I spray with gt85 more regulary now.

    Failing that it is possible that the spring needs adjusting for more tension (may not be possible on all calipers,) and although unlikely it may possible to overtighten the bolt holding the brakes in place, which could restrict movement.
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