£1000 for a new hard tail

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Hi folks, I have a grand to spend on a new hard tail but am a bit clueless on what to go for. The bikes I have seen I like are the Orange Crush and the On One Summer Season Trail. If I spend a bit more I like the looks of this http://www.rutlandcycling.com/17637/Rag ... n=pid17637. Can anyone give me any input on which bike they would go for and why please? Thanks for any help.


  • supersonic
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    What sort of terrain do you plan to ride on and is weight an issue?
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    I live in Sheffield so plenty of hills probably, it's for a bit of everything. Not sure about weight really as II am pretty new to expensive bikes. Last time I rode was 10 years ago.
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    If there are ots of hills then probably stay away from the summer season if you build it up with heavy components.

    The ordinary 456 on the other hand with light compnents...
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    have you considered the boardman pro.from halfrauds m8?
    I personally dont like the pant job, but the spec is inmpeccable for the prine, henc eI am considering it myself, tarted up with a few blue bits here and there...it might not be half bad
    A bike is only as good as the rider!
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    Yes the Boardman does look a good bike for the money, I was close to buying it myself but I have since fallen for the blue pig. Think I'm just gonna have to stay out the pub for a while and get saving for the custom jobby.
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    I had the same dilemma and bought the crush.

    After one test ride at Stif oop norf I had fallen for it. A real old school hoolagan of a bike with a great ride.

    Ok the components arnt at boardman levels but you can always upgrade later when they wear out and your riding an orange.

    If you go down this route then be very quick - crushes have pretty much sold out now with new stock coming in oct/nov. Both Stif and Rutland Cycling have also said that orange mispriced the bike this year and it will be 200 or 300 more next model year.

    Be quick!

    Lapierre Zesty 514 &
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  • i have a friend who has an orange crush which seems like an awesome bike and i would like to buy the frame myself so i can do some well earned downhill after a heavy climb.