will 105 front mech work with tiagra shifters

hippy69 Posts: 15
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looking to change front mech to 105 to match rear deraileur, is this possible


  • John.T
    John.T Posts: 3,698
    Waste of money. My 8sp Sora works just fine with 9sp Ultegra and FSA Gossamer compact chainset.
    But yes it is possible.
  • SCR Pedro
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    Strangely enough, I tried to do the same thing. I already had the 105 RD and Tiagra shifters, but for some reason I couldn't get the front mech to work as well as the Tiagra one. I spent ages tweaking it, and the LBS had a shot. I gave up and put the Tiagra back on. I agree; a total waste of money.

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  • k2rider
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    ive recently changed from an ultegra triple front mech to a sora triple front mech as i had more problems with the ultegra than enough, bolted the sora one on and i didnt even have to change the limit screws. i think half of the problems with the l/h shifters breaking is down to the stronger springs fitted to the higher end front mechs. so my opinion would be dont change.
    who cares?
  • Steve I
    Steve I Posts: 428
    Got my Kona Jake out to wash it last week and found I couldn't change gear at the front. A small piece had snapped off the body of the Sora triple front mech meaning there was nothing left to tension the spring against. It chipped the paint on the frame when it broke as well. The mech was just 3 years old and had covered 6500 miles. I think I left the bike in the big chainring after the last ride and I've made a mental note to not do this in future. The spring is under the most tension when in the big ring.

    I replaced it with a 2200 non series mech. This was the only 8 speed front road mech I could find and for a very reasonable £5 form CRC. I've fitted it, but it's not exactly fettled yet and I need to adjust it a bit better.

    Agree with others, not much between Tiagra and 105, definitely not worth the expense and hassle of swapping. Tiagra is nice kit.