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Rockshox Pike 409 (2008)

AlexFeltAlexFelt Posts: 9
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Hi all, I'm new on the forum and have a quick question to get started.... I own a Felt Complusion 2 SE, its just over a year old. I got the bike out the other weekend for a qucik blast across the Peak District and I no longer had lock out. Over the last year Ive noticed the right leg (motion control) weeping oil a little. I put 10ml of oil into the the fork following the Rockshox service manual and now the lock out works fine but the travel seems short.

If anyone uses the same fork as above I would be grateful if you could measure the actual travel at 95mm and 145mm. I have about 40mm compression at 95mm and a little more at 145mm is this right.

Any help on this guys would be grate. :D



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    time for a service.

    dual air?

    have a look in the FAQs.
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  • AlexFeltAlexFelt Posts: 9
    Eveing Nick, I've got the 409 Coil forks....I got the bike out this evening and give it a was and took some image off the forks. I had a little ride around the estate just to check how they feel...There is movement in the forks but as soon as I sit on the bike the little travel it has is used then its like riding solid forks lol....

    I've took some images of the amount of travel I get at 95mm and 140mm....

    The Rockshox workshop manual is rubbish compared to the Fox ones I've used in the past for servicing. Have you any idea when I can get some more details or a split image of the forks to understand how they are built inside.


    Thanks for any info you can come up with.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    try downloading the service manual on the Sram webby.

    I see it is the coil U turn fork.

    what happens when you turn the Dial?

    I am guiessing not much.
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  • AlexFeltAlexFelt Posts: 9
    Yeh there the ones mate, the adjustment of the height works fine. Its just the motion control and shock that doesnt seem right now. Before I took them apart last night it was all good apart from the motion control lol...

    I'm going to order the service kit for both the forks and motion control of TF Tuning and have a play at weekend. :D

  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    ok so this oil you added.

    to where?

    upper or lower, left or right leg. (disc side is left)
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  • AlexFeltAlexFelt Posts: 9
    A little while ago I noticed oil wheaping from the top right (motion control) plug (theres a little chrome plug with a o ring on it). I removed the motion control twist blue switch, removed the motion control unit and added about 5ml of new oil into the upper fork. The oil then reached the bottom of the motion control when it was screwed in and the lock out worked again. Problem was the travel then reduced buy a lot.

    I removed all the oil from the upper right leg last night to measure out the correct amount and there was 60ml in it. The rockshox manual I had said it should have 120ml but that cant be right cause it would spill out when I put the motion control back in. Now Ive put 60ml back in like I removed and the lock out doesnt work lol.

    I've read the sram site and found a 2005 service manual, this looks very simlar to mine and that say 120cc lol.

    Not sure what to do

    Do you know if the lower oil and upper oil in the same leg meet or do they always stay seprate?

    Thanks Alex
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    120cc is correct for right upper. ... mation.pdf

    2007 on oil levels

    TBH it sounds like time for a full strip down. as you have either something in the wrong place or there is oil already there.
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  • AlexFeltAlexFelt Posts: 9
    You might be right mate, not sure if its worth stripping them first and seeing if I can see anything else and order it all at once if you get me...

    I wouldnt have thought the motion control side should effect the fork travel, would you? Even with the motion control unit out on the workbench the fork travel is still the same, so I guess its something in the fork itself reducing the movment.
  • richg1979richg1979 Posts: 1,087
    the seal has gone on the lower damper piston and let the oil run down into the bottom of the leg, so now your fork is only compressing untill the piston hits the oil in the leg.

    you can check this by removing the rebound knob in the bottom of the leg and undoing the allen key bolt a few turns then give ity a tap with a hammer until it releases and you should have a small amount of clear oil come out, but i think you will find you will have a large amount of blue colourd damper oil come out.

    you can order a reba seal kit off ebay for £8 wich has the damper seals you need.

    its very easy to do and straight forward but you will need some 5wt and 15wt fork oil and a way of measuring it.
  • AlexFeltAlexFelt Posts: 9
    Evening Rich, thats great mate, Nick did mention he thought the oils had merged. Do you know its a proper seal or O Ring? I guess I have to remove the lowers to gain acess to the seal that needs replacing?

    Thanks again for your help man :D
  • richg1979richg1979 Posts: 1,087
    yep theres 2 o rings in the lower piston an internal one wich seals against the damper rod and an external wich seals against the stanchion.

    yes, loosen both lower allen key bolts a few turns the tap them up to release rods from lowers, remove allen key bolts then pull lowers down off the stanchions, you will have the two rods protruding from the stanchions, you wont need to touch the u turn side coil rod.

    remove the internal circlip from the moco side lower stanchion and pull the damper assy out, you can the pull off the white plastic piston with the black o-ring off the shaft, you will find the internal oring on the inside on the plastic piston.

    just make sure you take note where everything fits, the kit on ebay comes with all the seals to do the whole damper assy.

    while you have lowers off clean the dust seals and take out the foam rings from under the dust seals and clean them with some detergent, then dry them, refit and soak the sponges with 15wt oil.
  • AlexFeltAlexFelt Posts: 9
    Thats great news mate, I'm sure if I have the o-rings in my hand I'll be able to get them from work or a local supplier.

    I'll have a bash at this over the weekend and let you know, Thanks for you help. :D
  • AlexFeltAlexFelt Posts: 9
    Well guys just to keep you updated, I stripped the forks last night after getting a O ring set from work. With the forks apart you were both right, The top oil had pushed past the seals and into the lower section.

    I removed the lowers, pulled the o-rings off only to find I didnt have any the same size lol :twisted: . I took the Rockshox o-ring to a local suppier and he hooked me up. When I got home I realised the outter new o-ring was a little to big so I used the original outter and a new inner. I also spoke to my local Cannondale dealer and they infomered me they use motorbike fork oil so I bought some of that aswell.

    Rebuilt the fork with the new o-ringt and oil and everything seems cool. I'm going to put the forks back in the frame tomorrow and have a little test run if the weather stays fine.

    I'd just like to say a big thanks to both of you for your help. All in all its cost me £11, bargain. :D

  • kgr32kgr32 Posts: 1

    same bike, exactly the same problem.... started losing the lockout, then lost all travel.

    the fix work out ok for you?

    ill give it a go on mine then...


  • Wow, I've got the same bike and have just now started experiencing the same problem.

    That makes three of us out of the 300 of the SE Compulsion 2's.

    I wonder how many others are out there. :)

    I will probably do this as well then

    Cheers Jakes
  • Good fixing skills!
    The leak from the top of the MoCo adjuster is due to the 'umbrella' v ring going in the top of the MoCo these are not part of the service kit, I can uprated ones separtly with the small o ring that goes on the fllodgate adjuster shaft.
    The leakage from the damper cart to the lowers is also fairly regular issue a full service will obviously sort this.
    However I can also supply the two seals for the assemblty that separtes the two chambers any queries drop me a mail.
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