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Front derailleur / Bottom Problem

ebrogebrog Posts: 3
edited May 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
I bought an fc-m770 crankset & bottom bracket, a rd-m770 rear
dérailleur, a fd-m770 front dérailleur and st-m770 dual control
levers for my 2001 Raleigh M-60. It has a 68 mm crank housing width
so I installed one 2.5 mm spacer on the left side & two 2.5 mm spacers
on the right ( crank ) side. Everything is working great except for
the front dérailleur. There is only enough adjustment to move the
chain over to the center chainwheel. Even if I move the front
derailluer out manually with my hand, it will not go out far enough
to engage the largest chainwheel. It is like either this derailleur
is designed to only work with a two chainwheel crankset or the bottom
bracket spacers are not right and have the chainwheels to far away
from the dérailleur. I've been told to remove the spacers, but this will
not work because I would have to put all 3 spacers on the left side since
all 3 spacers have to be on in order to get the bracket to pull up.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    you have unscrewed the upper/outer stop screw ?
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  • abarth_1200abarth_1200 Posts: 370
    Check high and low limit screws arent already maxed
  • Sounds like an issue due to your chain line.
    I think some Shimano front mechs have a longer pivot arm, meaning they will move our further (although if you have a full suss frame the swing-arm position may not provide enough space for this type of mech)... I can't remember what part number this type of mech might be though.

    What derailleur was on the bike previously?
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  • ebrogebrog Posts: 3
    I hate to admit this, but I somehow got the clip that holds the cable on the dérailleur spun around 180 degrees. I turned it around and it works fine.
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