numb foot and pins and needles

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Hi, I have been getting a numb left foot and pins and needles in my leg,I am using specialised footbeds I have never had a problem before,I was thinking trapped nerve.
Any thoughts


  • nferrar
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    How long have you been cycling and if it's a while have you changed anything recently? If you've not been cycling long then things I'd check are:
    1). Shoes too tight (or socks too thick :p )
    2). Cleats too far forward
    3). Flexy soles on shoes
    4). Saddle position (possibly too high)

    I'm no doctor but I thought pins and needles is more usually a blood supply issue than trapped nerve type thing?
  • furiousd
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    I have been getting numb little toes after about 6 miles. This was using some new padded cycle socks. Did 30 miles at the weekend with normal socks and made sure the shoes were not as tight and it was much better. I am going to move my cleats back a couple of mm.

  • jbribble
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    I have been riding about 3 years,the feeling in my leg is more numb I guess
  • kingrollo
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    Shoes to tight or small I reckon.

    I had this problem - I couldn't understand it - the shoes (Spesh BG) I had been wearing for ages without an issue - I tried everything - out of desparation I brought a pair of northwave vertigo's, which are wide without the £200+ price tag - I also went up a size. Problem solved.

    I have since found that your feet swell alot when they get hot - so checking youre shoe fit before a ride - doesn't really prove much - I also think spesh bg shoes are deceptivley narrow
  • afcbian
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    Loosen your shoe straps and check the cleat location
    Took me a while to realise that my straps needed to be much much looser to stop the numbness
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