Damaged Lacquer on new carbon bike

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Just taken delivery of my first carbon fibre bike - a Felt. Having taken it on a long ride yesterday with crud road racers fitted to protect from wet, having just removed the rear one, the cable tie seems to have rubbed a small hole in the lacquer on one ot the rear seat stays. I'm a little alarmed at how easily it seems to have worn off! Ok, it was a long ride, but surely a cable tie (plastic) should not have done such damage?

Is it easy to replace lacquer?



  • Westerberg
    Westerberg Posts: 652
    PS - are there any materials that are NOT SAFE for cleaning the bike, I'm planning on using standard bike wash and a little WD40 or GT85 to drive out damp in the moving parts, before leaving to dry and re-lube.
  • nicklouse
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    Westerberg wrote:
    but surely a cable tie (plastic) should not have done such damage?

    it was not the tie that did the damage but the dirt trapped between two moving parts.
    It turns them into sand paper or worse.
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    nail varnish - clear.
    or ask in a model shop - if you dare go in!
  • Westerberg
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    thanks guys. Will nail varnish stop the rot? Just a thin coat I guess? Not bothered how it looks, it's a tiny hole.
  • John.T
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    Wrap the stays with electricians tape before fitting the guards. I leave the fittings on for a quick refit if needed.
    Why are you using cable ties on the stays. They should be rubber rings. The only cable ties on mine are round the brakes
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    +1 on the insulation tape.