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Any one for Dan Aths bike?

Bungalow BillBungalow Bill Posts: 643
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  • SkonkSkonk Posts: 364
    It's not actually Dan's bike though is it? as in the one he rode himself.

    It's just the same frame spec.
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  • Bungalow BillBungalow Bill Posts: 643
    Id imagine its his old one, why else would it have the extende3d swing arm and it is listed as one of a kind. I e-mailed the seller so see what he says :-D
    I use all 9 inches.

  • nonnac85nonnac85 Posts: 1,608
    The advert says
    not used and abused
    . If it really was DA's bike then that bit surely isn't entirely accurate!
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  • abarth_1200abarth_1200 Posts: 370
    +1 good call I think its a copy not meaning to be a knock off just a replica
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