squeaking 105 brake lever

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i swapped over the pads from rear brakes to front brakes and vice versa.

however when i now press the brake lever it now squeaks as it is being pulled and it drving me nuts, and it feels rough in action not smooth like the other one.

its the lever that squeaks as it is being pulled not the pads on the rim..

any ideas..

i have sprayed some oil into the lever but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

i also swapped the pads back the way to there orignal configuration but it still does it!!!


  • GD73
    GD73 Posts: 29
    41 views no replys...surely i can't be the only one to have this problem...

    i've checked shimano website and it's pretty thin on info.

    just says to oil the the lever where the cable is held... which i have done.

    the pads are really worn so i will replace them....

    if new pads are fitted it would mean the lever has less travel to close the caliper.....

    i will strip back the bar tape and check that the cable/housing is sitting in the hood/sti correctly

    but clutching at straws and running out of ideas fast

    any hints or tips greatfully accepted..

    :? :?
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    Check the cable in the brifter. Is it fraying or worn? To check that is is definitely the lever, try operating of without the cable fitted.
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  • GD73
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    cheers will do...

    i have released the allen nut that holds the cable at the caliper end and the lever action feels rough..squeaks and isn't smooth at all..

    so next stop is to peel the bar tape back and have a look

    i am pretty sure the problem is in the shifte/lever
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    If you've slackened the brake cable retaining screw off, you can pull the cable through the lever and check its condition without removing the bar tape. Just peel back the lever hood, pull the lever and push the cable through.
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    tryed slackening off the cable..

    it seems ok.... put a little bit oil on it (at the barell adjuster at caliper)
    it didn't look frayed or anything.

    just about lost the plastic rollers that mount onto the metal housing that the cable is held in
    at the shifter end but i managed to tease them back out of the shifter and refit them.

    it does appear when the lever has no cable load/tension then there is no squeak.

    once i tigten the cable clamp at the caliper the squeaking starts

    i need a set of pads anyway so i fit them then adjust the calipers/tension
    maybe with less travel on the lever and caliper it will stop...

    not holding my breath though... thanks for the ideas

  • I have exactly the same problem.

    I removed brake the pads from the rear tektro mini-v brakes on my bike, and replaced the noodle with an adjustable one. Now the lever squeaks when operated, and has a certain amount of play - the cable doesn't become taut until the lever is pulled an inch or two.

    if I undo the cable at the brake, and tension it by hand, the lever still feels like there is a lot of tension in the system. Do I need to strip the bar tape and lube the inner cable?