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im wanting to start using spds on my mountain bike, and i have about £40 to spend on them.

iv been looking at some, and i think the crank brothers candys or shimano m540s would be good.

what ones would be best for general trail riding and will not fail when covered in mud

commencal meta 5.5.3


  • thel33ter
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    Shimano M540's are pretty much bulletproof and work in almost all conditions apart from snow, because the fill up with ice :wink:
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  • Guisamo
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    I had Shimano m520's (£19.95 Merlin Cycles) on my last bike and they are really good. Got a Trek EX9 recently with Crank Bros Candy's, fit the new cleats to my shoes on the easiest of the two settings to release and clipped in, they are good if you don't want to get your feet out easily, but I have a tendancy to fall off now and again on the trails so I took them straight off and put the m520's on. The Candy's look good and probably clear mud better but they don't have the tension adjustability of the shimano's and I also use multi-release cleats which means I never have any problems with the m520's getting my feet out quick and easy, Will probably upgrade to XT pedals once my current ones knack (they've had 18 months of abuse and are still working great, no probs).
  • scars
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    I prefere Crank bros pedals, clipping in feels much more fluid but shimano SPDs have adjustable tension so when your learning you can set them up really light. CRC are doing aload of Crank Bros pedals for beans, recommend the Candys

    Only other problem is Crank bros wings devour your shoes :?
  • bike-a-swan
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    have you got the shoes already, or are they included in the budget?

    I'd say get shimano m520's to start with. In my experience they're pretty bulletproof, which is why I prefer them to crank bro's, and they're also going for about £20
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