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Betd shock bushings on an Orange five

lummoxlummox Posts: 43
edited April 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Timeline goes like this-

Knock noticed at top shock mount during maintanence, figured cheap top hat bushes worn after nearly a year, so order new 'tough' steel bushing from betd for top and bottom shock eyes.

Fit bushings and new eys bushes, slop still there but perhaps marginally better.

Figure it must be the shock bolts have worn (unlikely and didn't appear to be) so order from orange some new shock mounting bolts.

Fit new shock bolts which perfectly fit the frame, slop still there at top shock mount.

So is this a design fault/intention for the betd ones? are they designed to have slightly more movement in order to move free'er? or have they just been badly made and should fit perfect with zero slop?

Basically if anyone has fitted them to their single pivot can they just go see if they have a bit of slop or not. I couldn't get through to betd to ask them direct.

Personally i don't want to pay that much to have a knocking sloppy mount if they are designed that way.


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    There should be no play.

    Or the top hat spacers the correct width?
  • I've not tried the Bet-D bushes, I replaced my 5 lower mount with a steel one from TFT when the bike was 6 months old, that's still working fine 18 months later (touch wood!).

    Can't say I've ever seen a top bush wear out. Are you sure you've got the right bolts on the right end of the shock?
  • lummoxlummox Posts: 43
    100% certain correct width, it's a lovely snug fit in the frame mounts, the movement is the difference between the shock mounting bolts ( brand new and fitting mounting holes perfectly) and the internal diameter of the brand new betd steel bush. From what you're both suggesting it seems I've either got a duff bush or they intentionally make the
    slightly larger on purpose.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    did you get the right sized bushes? what is the bolt size?
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  • lummoxlummox Posts: 43
    correct measurements taken, width wise theyre a perfect fit, it's the difference between the internal diameter of the new bushes (8.1 according to betd's site) and the external diameter of the shock mounting bolts (8mm from orange and a perfect fit in the frame) thats causing the slop, or rather slight knock when lifting bike from saddle, this knock can be seen and felt at the front shock mount.

    My question really is

    Are they designed by betd to have this movement or is it a design error/ manufacturing fault?

    Either way the knock seems wrong and unnaceptable given the cost of the bushes.
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