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Garmin 705

mda100mda100 Posts: 7
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I'm thinking of buying a garmin 705 for use off road and on road. Just wondering what people think of it and any experiances of using it for mountain biking and road cycling?

Also does anyone one know a good place to go and buy one/talk to someone that really knows what there on about with these units? as there seems to be a lot of different options and mapping etc. I have been into a couple of bike shops but no one seems to be that clued up on them! I live in gloucestershire but dont mind going further afield for good advice!



  • bomberesquebomberesque Posts: 1,701
    I have one. They're fine. if you want a training aid with mapping capability then it's probably the choice. If you want an electronic map then I'd look at the Garmin Vista or another brand (satmap iirc) especially if you want OS mapping

    I've used mine for road and mountain biking and, as I said, it's fine ... but it could be a lot better IMO
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