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Away to the shop

GraydawgGraydawg Posts: 673
edited April 2010 in MTB general
My Beloved Wife is taking my Beloved Bike off to the LBS today.

Spent yesterday afternoon taking the BB off.
Thanks to my "friend", who I lent my BB Removal tool to, who subsequently then lent it to somebody else and hasn't returned it, even after I said I needed it for Thursday this week!!!

Fortunately, my neighbour who I go MTB'ing with had a Square taper crank puller and I used the "5p" method to pull the crank off. It worked! I was shocked!!

I was then taking my casette off and took a chunk out of my knuckle :shock:

Anyways, Ordered up the HT2 Crankset and other running gear now too so it will be here next week. Though most likely delayed by the Bank holiday! lol

And you're supposed to be able to rely on your friends! </rant>

It's been a while...
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