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Caravanette door!

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Coming to the end of a really enjoyable, sunny ride yesterday, when I heard a noise behind me.
Glancing over my shoulder, I note a large Caravanette, apparently biding his time, waiting for an opportunity to pass... He drops back a little, I assume to get a run at it!
Sure enough the road straightens, I give him a 'flick' of the elbow, and await the passing move.
:shock: He passes closely, very close indeed, but that wasn't the bit that got my attention...
As he passed, I felt something brush my leg (felt like it touched), looking to my right I can see right into the stowage area, just behind the passengers door. There are four fold -up garden chairs in there, two green and 2 multi coloured stripes!
The hatch had been left open ( or opened en route). It opened downwards, and is supported in the horizontal position by a webbing strap.
A fraction closer, and he/she could have inflicted quite an injury.
I naturally let loose with a hold load of abuse, waiving my hand in the rough direction of said door. I know they saw me, as they appeared to pause, but thought better of it, and just p!ssed off.

They should make those doors open upwards, then, if they come undone, they wont fall open, but will just rattle and tap, and annoy the sh!t out of the tw4t that owns it!

Thank you..... Rant over. :oops:
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