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£700 budget, cube acid?

LampersLampers Posts: 5
edited May 2010 in MTB buying advice
Anyone got any views on the new cube acid? Got 700 ish to play with and this seems to be a good option, any alternative suggestions?


  • emerywdemerywd Posts: 52
    I just bought a Bulls (made in the same factory as Cube/Focus) Copperhead III.

    Awesome bike. I got full XT, Rockshox Reba for 999e

    Looked at the Cubes. Generally same specs, but with flashier frame paint jobs. ... 151-1-2546
  • LampersLampers Posts: 5
    It does look the part but not sure what I can compare it with
  • MJPMJP Posts: 29
    ~I got an Acid... love it good entry level bike... although i have replaced the pedels with Wellgo MG1's and thinking about getting a longer handle bar.... but they are personnel confort things....
  • Johnny boy. Stop being wet and spend the full grand!
  • LampersLampers Posts: 5
    Fair point Richard, went over to leisure lake bikes and now looking at either the ltd pro or ltd team
  • Oxygen ThiefOxygen Thief Posts: 649
    The ACID range arewell under specced for their price tags, but they look the dogs danglies.
  • SodfosterSodfoster Posts: 412
    I own a 2010 Acid love it to bits!

    Although I do have some issues:

    1) Tyres the Smart Sam's are not up for the task and slide around everywhere even on dry trails!

    2) Fork the darts are ok but I have had my bike for 4 months now and given them a bashing at Glentress on quiet a few occasions (where they have been fine) plus other centres such as Fort Bill. I went and did the Silgchan route on Skye last weekend (full of rocks and boulders) and they really started to show how low end they are compared to my mate Fox 32 RL's (I know you cant compare!). I guess it depends on the riding but I'm already looking into getting some Reba's so I may as well bought the TEAM.

    3) The Delore crank isnt great either!!

    Its still a lovely light weight and very fast bike more designed for XC rather than TC's
    Dawes Tamark DX (RIP)

    Cube Acid 2010 (RIP)

    Saracen Zen 3 (RIP)

    Giant Anthem X5


    The whole white bike thing was just coincedence........
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