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Cav WINS stage 2 of Romandie and flips the crowd off! oh my

FransJacquesFransJacques Posts: 2,148
edited May 2010 in Pro race
I feel better now.
When a cyclist has a disagreement with a car; it's not who's right, it's who's left.


  • DoobzDoobz Posts: 2,800
    What a retard!
  • pdstsppdstsp Posts: 1,264
    Thanks again d##khead - this is on tv tonight so the least you could do is put a spoiler in the title. Pratt.
  • saved myself watching 2 hours recorded coverage thanks
  • paulcuthbertpaulcuthbert Posts: 1,016
    Give over- you can still watch the racing before the finish. Have you never read a book twice? Or watched a movie twice?
  • Tom ButcherTom Butcher Posts: 3,830
    What's the harm in sticking with the spoiler convention that has worked well on here for years. Some of you seem to delight in showing what selfish twats you are - well good for you - wankers.

    it's a hard life if you don't weaken.
  • pdstsppdstsp Posts: 1,264
    I cannot believe the level of selfishness a couple of people on this forum have sunk to - what the hell is the issue with outting a spoiler in the title and not ruining things for the rest of us? Fransjacques you are very self-centred . And paul cuthbert - I may chose to watch a film twicw but at least the first time I don't know the ending. Really poor manners on this forum - you should be ashamed.
  • paulcuthbertpaulcuthbert Posts: 1,016
    You completely missed the point, pdstsp...
  • Actually, I don't think he did. Unless I missed the point as well. I watched most of it last night and sky plussed the end for this evening. Whilst I can still watch the finish develop, the primary element of surprise (if this is the right word) has been reduced. Like watching a rugby match pseudo-live as we call it. Knowing the result removes most of the enjoyment, for me at least, and for others I suspect.
  • ProssPross Posts: 32,873
    I think the point in question is that it was a response to people's comments on a lack of a spoiler on another thread and has been done deliberately (and very childishly!).
  • OffTheBackAdamOffTheBackAdam Posts: 1,869
    What Bingo thinks of you FJ!
    Remember that you are an Englishman and thus have won first prize in the lottery of life.
  • dave_1dave_1 Posts: 9,512
    I feel a divorce coming...would be good if he were away from Zabel and Aldag. I suppose Rod Ellingworth is the one who made him who he is, so it must be possible. He didn't deserve to be pulled out of Romandie, taking everything into account over the winter and spring
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