Bike Insurance

Rob-Is-On-Fire Posts: 142
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I'm looking to insure my new bike. Can anyone recommend and suitable companies.

Putting it under the home insurance is a no-go as they will only cover bikes up to £600.

I also require the insurance to be valid abroad as i'm head to the Alps for a week this summer.



  • Tom Barton
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    Try changing your house insurance. I did with mine (went to morethan - insure upto 5k) and its alot cheaper than specialist insurance. If your current company say they will charge you for leaving early, cite that you are leaving because they are unable to provide you with the cover you need (i.e. won't insure your house contents ie. bike) and they won't charge you.
  • I can't put it on the home insurance and i'd prefer not to have to change insurer at the moment. Any specialised companies that don't break the bank?
  • yoohoo999
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    I use ETA.

    Great policy, reasonable terms, lots of useful perks.

    Have a play around with their quote calculator if you can't get a reasonable quote, sometimes if you are £1 over a particular threshold the policy shoots up by £100!