Dunwich Dynamo by day - opinions

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Thinking about riding the above next time around - but thought I might have a practice go at it during the day.

Wondered - if this was only a route you should ONLY do at night because it uses such busy major roads - or would it be an enjoyable and pleasant experience during the day as well?

Also - if the plan is thought to be sound - has anyone got a route sheet available to pass on?

All comments/ advice/ experiences welcome - thanks - Gary


  • gbrunsdon
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    Guess someone must have done this ride?
  • Big Red
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    I've done the first half of the route during the day and the whole thing at night. Once you get out of Epping it's a nice ride. None of the roads are particularly busy from memory, mainly just going from village to village.

    I've just found this route sheet (but I haven't used it or checked it):

  • balthazar
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    I've ridden it once, in 2007. It rained the whole way, but I still really enjoyed it. There's a nice camaraderie between everybody, especially when the elements were so against us, and the constant rain was claiming computers, gps's and lights from many. It was clear when we got there however, so we had a deserved kip on the beach as the sun came up.

    I wouldn't bother with pre-riding it. Getting hopelessly lost in the middle of the night is part of the fun..! I may do it this year but since I moved out of London, I'd only go if it coincides perfectly with my being there otherwise, which it rarely does. The strongest ride back too, and I'd like to get fit enough to join them; but I never seem to have done enough preparatory riding... maybe next year...!
  • gbrunsdon
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    thanks for night - reckon doing the actual event is the way to go...