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Lower leg fork oil... what does it do?

JimmerGJimmerG Posts: 143
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I've got some Rock Shox Tora 302s - I'm looking to whip the lower legs off to give the stantions, bushings, seals a good grease/oil. This 15wt oil that sits in the bottom of the lower legs.... there's only 20ccs of it at most, surely that amounts to about an inch in each leg.

My question is - what good can this do? The stantions probably don't get low enough to touch it (maybe at full compression - but then only the very tips would get dipped) Do Rock Shox imagine that all the shaking around on a good ride will slosh the oil around the bushings?



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    Yes it lubes parts. there is more than just the bushes that need lube.
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