Whats the next step for my Rockhopper pro??

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I have a Specialized Rockhopper pro. Standard apart from 540spds. Specialized loc on grips. Cateye speedo. Conti Rubber queen black chilli tyres(brilliant tyres).

The thing is cant see where to start upgrading next? The Reba sl fork?? What are the weakest parts in terms of weight/performance?? Was thinking of upgrading the shifters as the deores are a bit spongey!! If i upgrade the bar, stem, seatpost will the pounds pop off??
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    Shifters lol. Identifying areas is key, but I admit it can be hard to know what is a better performance until you try it.

    It is a good bike, with a nice even spec, so upgrading to something substantially better will be very expensive. The fork is excellent, the next step up is a Reba Team.

    You may save half a pound upgrading the seatpost, stem for sensible money.

    Wheels can have benefits, as loss of rotating weight improves acceleration.

    Do too much though and eventually the frame becomes the weak point. As good as it is, their are lighter carbon [and alu] ones about.

    Maybe look at a whole new bike?
  • just bought this ride altough there was a beauty of a stumpy carbon on ebay last week....Was very tempted, but resisted. Does nobody ride flat bars anymore?? Thought about getting away from the risers and putting some bar ends on. Would i feel any difference if i did go down the shifters/mechs route?? Love the look of the SID race forks.
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    Bars are personal preference, many still do use them.

    The top end SID will save you half a pound, the frame maybe 3/4 or so.

    Gets expensive after a bit eh?

    XT shifters are a bit more precise and crisp.
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    As an ex-owner of Rockhopper Expert SL, would say, carbon seatpost, maybe carbon bars (maybe), and for crisp feedback on changing gears either XT or XTR shifters. DT Swiss d445 wheels are good for XC and light enough for fast snaps of acceleration, but there are better ones and way more expensive. All depends on your riding style really, and a bike at under 25pounds, what more do you want?
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    I'll choose not put too much stake into someone's opinion who is admittingly terrible though
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    What are you using the bike for?
    If it's recreational MTB'ing then your forks are more than enough.

    I have just added a narrow (580mm) flat carbon bar and bar ends to my XC bike and it does make the bike feel and handle quicker.
    I'm entering XC races from this year so got a SID Race fork and some super light wheels which made a big difference.

    However, fitness is the biggest thing you can work on/improve. You can have lightest the bike in the world but if you can't keep a fast pace then it's wasted.
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    im in a similar position with a Rockhopper Pro, thinking of tweaking it a bit, i was thinking of changing the wheels anyone know how much the 445 dt's weight ? i was thinking along the lines of Hope pro 3 dt swiss 4.2 or maybe ust mavic crosstrail or red metal 3.
    i'm a big fan of ust as had them before ( expensive though ).
    Also not keen on the brakes Avid Juicy 4 sl
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    I've just got the Reba Teams and took them for a test yesterday, can't praise them enough (assisted in setting up by Supersonic's thread on FAQ)! Definately wheels next as I like to bash around so not sure how long the OE ones will last. I also have Race Face stem, bars and seat post and bike definately feels lighter overall. I think from now on though it will be replace as necessary as once you've got the bug it's hard to stop...!
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    You're not going to get much by upgrading Reba SL to Reba team. Be honest about what you're going to ride and avoid the shiny bit syndrome.

    A lot of people I know said they got faster by spending £100 on a skills day than £100 on parts.
  • Think you may be right about the bar/stem combo. Less rolling weight is also a good idea. Using the bike to fire around the local hills and tracks. Def gonna upgrade shifters soon and the mechs when needed Going to try and post some pics soon. :D
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