GT Avalanche 1.0 2009, which parts to update first?

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Hi all,
I have just brought a GT Avalanche 1.0 2009 from paulscycles on the cyclescheme for my employer.
I really like to bike, love the colour and I feel its ideal for me.
I'm looking at spending a bit of money on it as i get better an MTB'ing, such as wheels, forks etc etc.
I was just wondering what you guys thought would be the best part of the bike to update first, i.e. the worst part?

The Spec of the bike;

Model Year; 2009
Frame; GT Triple Triangle design 6061 butted aluminum with hydroformed downtube, zero stack headtube. Disc compatible with removeable der. Hanger

Forks; SR Mag 32, 100mm of travel w/. 32mm alum stanchions, magnesium lowers, with lock out , preload and hydraulic damping

Rear Derailleur; Shimano XT

Front Derailleur; Shimano Deore

Shifters; Shimano Deore 9 speed separate

Chainset; FSA Alpha Drive 44/32/22

Bottom Bracket; FSA Sealed Bearing Cartridge

Chain; Shimano HG-53 Nine Speed

Freewheel; SRAM Nine speed index cassette 11-32

Headset; Tange system for 1 1/8"

Stem; GT ATB, 31. 8mm bar bore threadless 15 degree rise with four bolt alum face plate

Handlebars; GT Mtn Riser, 15 mm rise, 6061 heat treated, 31.8 mm clamp

Front Brake; Tektro Auriga comp, hydraulic, dual piston, cold forged

Rear Brake; Tektro Auriga comp, hydraulic, dual piston, cold forged

Brake Levers; Tektro

Rims; WTB SX-24 ATB black anodized

Front Hub; Shimano Disc

Rear Hub; Shimano Disc 9 speed

Spokes; Stainless steel 14 gauge

Tyres; Kenda Nevegal, 26 x 2.1

Saddle; WTB Pure V, with stitched cover and protective corners

Seatpost; Alloy Micro adjust

Seat Clamp; GT Forged Alum QR

Pedals; Welgo alloy

Grips; GT Dual Density ATB

Many Thanks


  • Briggo
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    How much do you have to spend and what riding do you do?
  • Alienman
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    Front derailleur. It has XT so why would you want Deore at the front.
    Fork. Just because people like to upgrade those things all the time.
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  • supersonic
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    I would ride it, and then try and work out for yourself what needs upgrading.

    Usually if you are thinking about upgrades this early, except for minor changes ie tyres, then you have bought the wrong bike.
  • Sah1990
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    I don't really have a set budget, its just if everyone says change the wheels rather than wasting my money on grips, different coloured handle bars etc I could just save up some money each month for something expensive like forks etc etc.

    Sorry but I don't understand what you mean by the shifters?

    And the type of riding is road/tracks with thetford forest red and a bit of black route at the weekends. With just a few jumps:)

  • Pudseyp
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    Shifters are the gear changing triggers on the supersonic says ride and enjoy it....possible upgrades for the future would be a new fork and brakes...Tora air forks or Reba's would be a great upgrade...brakes to Shimano or Avids would also be a good upgrade...Merlin Cycles often have great deals !

    Enjoy !
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  • kenan
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    I had one of these for a 2 months (got it cheap) and was very impressed with the bike. The one thing I would change is the tyres, the OEM ones are poor. Other than that I would leave the bike as it is.
  • ride_whenever
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    contact points: (saddle, grips, bars/stem tyres so the bike works for you)
  • bobcheese
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    Ride it and ride it hard! :twisted: When things break or wear then replace with better. I imagine you would benifit from changing the forks at some stage in the future to something like tora's. In the short term the pedals that come on the stocks are pretty poor so might be worth investing in some wellgo V8's or MG1's something like that. Also make sure you have all the other equiptment before spending money replacing parts. Gloves, lid, ruksack and tools.
  • Sah1990
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    OK will do :D
    The pedals arent what they say on the spec (Welgo alloy). They are Shimano clipless ones but not sure which model. They have came with a reflector plate thing installed on them so I use that at the moment as I hae no clipless shoes.
    The 2009 ltd edition avalanche comes with *Shimano Spd clipless* so maybe they installed them onto mine?

    What forks should I keep my eye on? eBay, Classified section on here etc etc.

  • supersonic
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    By the time you need new ones they'll be gone.

    What you have is a decent fork - see what deals are to be had when it needs replacing.
  • kenan
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    supersonic wrote:
    What you have is a decent fork - see what deals are to be had when it needs replacing.

    Have to agree, was impressed with the MAG fork and thought it suited the bike well.
  • m_cozzy
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    Echo dont touch it until you need to. My 2005 avalanche 1.0 has just started needing bits as they have worn out.
    rockshox recons replaced the knackered judys.
    avid juicy 5's replaced the unknown leaky single piston brakes.
    slx shifters & mechs when the stock deore stuff became sloppy.
    truvativ crankset has developed some play, these are meant to be rubbish but its lasted 5 years! Will soon slot an slx in there.
    All the spokes in the rear wheel came loose last week, so a new pair of wheels is on the cards.

    I really dont see the need to replace serviceable parts!
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  • captainfly
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    It's a damn fine bike, the only thing I could think of is forks but only if you don't like the ones that are fitted, if you can find a bargain pair of sweet forks then go for it but don;t stress it as ithe bike will do more than you can as it is for quite some time.
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  • Sah1990
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    Thanks for all the reply's everyone. I must say I have really enjoyed the bike so far and can't wait to take it the thetford as I have only been on the road.
    I brought a under saddle bag, repair kit, spare inna tube pump and a multi tool the otherday. Now looking at getting some White handle bars or keep the current and get White grips.

  • richg1979
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    id change the forks 1st for some recon/rebas then prob brakes. but id use it a bit 1st as there might be somthing else your not happy with.