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I'm entering a team into the Bontrager 24/12 race this summer, but need to get hold of enough lights for the overnight bit. Is there anywhere you can rent lights from? Or is this kind of service avaible on race day?



  • belugabob
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    Exposure lights are sponsors (or stall holders?) at this event and they helped me out when my lights decided to not hold much charge at last year's event.
    Might be worth giving them a call - they're very helpful guys.

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  • t4rmac
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    You could also try lumicycle -

    Or maybe your LBS might have demo ones that you could borrow for a weekend?

    Or you could go for the cheap magiclight option from dealextreme then it's yours to keep.
  • We would love to be a sponsor at this event, if anyone has information they could provide us with, we would be grateful
    Thank you
  • welshkev
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    i know that cstle bikes in caerphilly rent lights in the winter so it might be worth just ringing around a few of your lbs and see if any do.

    or ask magiclight above for a set if you put their name on your jersey :D