First '50' today!!!

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Completed my first 50 miler today, after a month and a half since my return to cycling. Very chuffed and not too sore!!!!!!!!!!

Spent the morning planning my route across the Cheshire Plain (yeah I know, wimp for not venturing East from Congleton!) and making a route card as I just hate having to keep stopping to read a map and everything went to plan. Did 40+ ride last week into the hills so thought I was ready for it and it sure is easier going West from my home! 2hrs 50mins, which I think is respectable for a 43 year old. What do you reckon?

Came home to my 12 year old son watching Liege-Bastogne-Liege and tried explaining just how fit those guys are!




  • unixnerd
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    17.6mph, not too shabby at all :-) (I'm 42).

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    17mph ave....! That is very good mate.
    Well done and keep it up!
  • Did my longest run today as well. 45 miles in 2 hours 50 minutes non stop. Lesson learned from this......get padded shorts. So I have. 53 years of age. Shall we start a competition?
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    What, who's the oldest cyclist to post? :lol:
  • That's one competition I don't want to win !
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    Well, am 56 and don't mind admitting it. Main probem for me is keeping my weight down. Currently at 89KG as struggling. I had pneumonia in January and have only really got back on the bike this month. I thought I would be ok but I am struggling to do 25 miles without being exhausted. Docs and Wife both tell me it will take time to get fit again but I really thought wouldn't be as bad as this. Already had to bale out of the FWC and it is not looking good for the Norther Roack Cyclone either. Fingers crossed.
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  • I stopped cycling for 4 years and have put on a stone every year. Just got back on the bike.

    It's good to be back 8)
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    I top the scales at 90kg too, but not a huge spare tyre round my waist, just bigger up top than ideal for biking due to a few years of rowing and gym. It does make a difference, hills are a bit of a slog and at 120psi I keep thinking my tyres aren't pumped up enough! I also have noticed that my rear wheel flexes quite a bit from side to side when I am out of the saddle; I keep hearing/ feeling the rim dragging against the rear brake blocks.