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Removing shift indicators on XT triggers??

TommyKTommyK Posts: 177
edited April 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Hello peeps,

I recently replaced my old faulty XTR M970 triggers with some XT M770's without considering space on my bars. Due to the shift indicators I have nowhere to put my fork lock out and my brakes are hardly in the right place.......DOH!

Anyway, can you buy a blanking plate/cover to seal the shifter pod as there are gaping holes in the top if I remove the indicator displays. I race XC so I would like my lockout, I have SID Teams and I think I have to replace the whole damping cartridge to have a leg mounted lockout. Maybe I should have splurged more cash on new XTR's? On the other hand I have been very disappointed with the old shifter (left hand) many a race ruined stuck in the big ring!

Cheers, Tom.
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