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Watching the worlds in Geelong

nige.rushnige.rush Posts: 5
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Hi, I’m wanting to go to Geelong to watch Cadel defend his jersey this year, and also have some friends coming from O/S. We were thinking about taking an organised trip. We could do the self-sorted thing but frankly I’d rather let someone else do all the work for me. I’ve found three possibles -, and Does anyone have any experience with any of these? They all look pretty good – mostly ten days, some riding beforehand, accommodation in Melbourne or Geelong.

I await people’s sage opinion . . .


  • AndsAnds Posts: 1,437
    HI, no experience of the companies you list but if I was going to watch the Worlds, I would personally not want to spend 10 days in Geelong & Gt Ocean Rd and no time cycling in Melbourne. Cycling to the east/north east of Melbourne would be top of my list - Dandenongs, Kinglake, Yarra Valley, etc. Beach Rd also good - might even get to see a few pros or share coffee with them in the cafe.

    Geelong is pleasant enough but not really a lot going on - just thinking of all the stuff you'd miss by not having a couple of nights in the city (i.e. Melbourne).

    I used to live in Melbourne and ride out east/NE - absolutely beautiful. The GOR is also pretty stunning so would be good on any itinery. Having had a quick scan of the itineries you list am I right in thinking only the first one has some time in Melbourne?
  • paulcuthbertpaulcuthbert Posts: 1,016
    I read somewhere that the course doesn't suit Evans. Is there anywhere that I can have a look at the course details?
  • The islandcycletours one has four nights in Melbourne (Southbank) as well, not sure about the topbike one. You're right, some riding in Melbourne would be great. They've all got a bit of riding along the Ocean Road, which I've heard is well worth it. I guess I could do it myself but I've done things like that before - save myself a few $$$ but then have to find accommodation (which is getting tougher to find), parking, transport, all that stuff. I want to treat myself a bit - have someone else do the work. I just turn up and ride, watch the fast guys, and alternate sipping latte with sipping pinot :)
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