Dang cable cutters!!!!

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ARRRGHHHHHH Cable cutters decided to break whilst I was putting brake cables on new bike today, me trying to rectify the situation just made things worse and now I've made a complete mess of my lovely new jagwire cables, off to the LBS i guess!!!


  • Jagwire cables - ugh! I threw three new, unopened ones away a while ago because they were so stretchy. I'd bought some S/H Dura-Ace calipers, fitted a new Jagwire inner, and was very disappointed because they felt so spongy. I thought it was the calipers! I changed to a Dura-Ace inner and what a difference - hence I launched the Jagwire ones I had in stock.

    You get what you pay for with brake cables....

    Decent cable cutters are bloody expensive, though, aren't they?