Saddles & the Sit Bone Fitting

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been reading up a little on this

1. Anyone tried the Sit Bone measurement to find a saddle to suit their needs?

2.What did you get saddle wise?

3. Would like to try another saddle but unsure which one (leaning towards the Specialized BG Avatar Gel Saddle at the moment)

4.Which part of the saddle should I be sitting on? I feel as though I'm sitting just behind the nose of the saddle and 'sit bone' area. Is that correct? Or should I just be on the sit bone area of the saddle. As it is I'm comfy. But it could always be improved.

My current stead is a Boardman Pro Hybrid plus a Team.

Last count on the bay today there were 6 Boardman saddles for auction, are they that bad?


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    Yes, I have been on the "Assometer" at the Specialized dealer, and I came up needing a 143mm seat, which the dealer told me, 90% of people did. Obviously sit bone width can be an issue, but I think its over-hyped, it is not the (sole) answer to a comfy seat. In fact, I have sold my fleet of Spesh BG seats and now ride Planet X superlights (a Fizik Arione clone). They are narrower, and much more comfortable for me (though not necessarily because they are narrower).

    So, sit bone width is not the be-all.

    I have Selle An-Atomica's on my tourers.

    After 15 years I have been through loads of saddles but have finally found what works for me 8)

    Most of the time, you should sit with your sit bones on the sit bone part of the saddle, if you find you are further forward, then the saddle may be positioned too far back and/or the bike frame is too long for you, or the stem too short (i.e. for some reason, the reach is too long).
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    I was measured for a Specialized saddle and needed a 143mm. I used a couple of Toupes and an Alias for a year but could not really get on with them. I am now using Selle Italia Flite Gelflo which are only 130mm and have a more curved profile. For me these are much better as the weight distribution is better. It is unfortunately a very personal thing.
    I have an Alias going spare. Cheap. PM me if interested.
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    I was measured using the BG system, too.
    I was advised I needed a 143mm.
    Bought a Toupe team 143mm for the Summer bike, and a BG Phenom 143mm for my Winter steed.
    I wouldn't ride anything else, now.

    I was on Fizik Ariones before the fit. :wink:
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    interested to know what the sit bone measurement was for you guys on 143mm saddles. My measure was 100mm which means a 130mm saddle is correct size going by the Specialized chart?
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    122mm sit bone measurement and I ride a 143mm Spesh Phenom SL

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    just been to local store to chat saddles an it appears I need to move my saddle forward so that I'm using my 'sit bones' on the rear of the saddle
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    alfablue wrote:
    . . . saddle may be positioned too far back and/or the bike frame is too long for you, or the stem too short (i.e. for some reason, the reach is too long).
  • I have done the measurements, and man did it help! I was riding an asshatchet of a 134mm saddle and was measured for a 155mm. Needless to say that after switching to a 155mm saddle, problems solved!
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  • I got myself measured at a spesh dealer and like most people, I came up as 143. I bought a new avatar gel and it was great. The only downside I found is that it is can get a little slippery in the hot weather. When I upgraded, I stuck with specialized and went for a gel toupe. It was the most uncomfortable pain in the @rse - until I realised my saddle was too low. Now, after some adjustment (and a few thousand miles later), it's really comfortable. The avatar is on my mtb, still as comfy as ever.