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I am looking into getting a bike computer - This is mainly to record the distance that i ride each time.

I suppose the core feature i am after are:

- Speed (Max, average etc)
- Distance
- Time taken
- Durable
- Reliable

Im sure there are a few other features that would be useful, but i say the ones listed above are the critical ones.

Does anyone have any recommendations in the under £40 bracket? (or perhaps slightly over if you think its really worth the spend)


  • just from personal experience, id avoid the wireless ones, i used to work at halfords, and had nothing but trouble with the signal being interrupted.

    we did used to sell some 12 funtion wired ones, i think they had all the functions you wanted, and im sure they used to be under £20
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    I have two computers.A Catye micro wireless and a wired Sigma 1606.No problems with either in 3 years.
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    trek do a good one for about £20, wired, had nothing but trouble with the wireless ones even when they worked to start with.
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    On sale for about £30 from Ribble.
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    I've got this one: ... yId_165741

    Yes it is from Halfords but it has loads of functions, I have never had a problem loosing the signal, set up and installation was easy and it is waterproof, getting caught in a massive downpour the day after I fitted it tested that one out.

    And it's white so matches my bike but they also do it in black.

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  • bdigital
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    thanks for the info so far - It looks like its between the Bike Hut one, or the Cat eye.

    Il do some more digging into these two, but any more opinion would be greatly appreciated.