Nobby Nics 2010 (UST's if poss)

Fastflo Posts: 45
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anybody given the new Nobby Nics a 'demm good frashing' if so let us know cos at £45 a pop for the UST's i'd like to know if they are the dogs!!!! :?: or is it the Rubber Queens


  • RealMan
    RealMan Posts: 2,166
    Rubber queens unless you're XC racing. Although I've still raced them and got on the podium..
  • scotto
    scotto Posts: 381
    I have a nic ust on the front, really good tyre, got mine before price went mad though.
  • meesterbond
    meesterbond Posts: 1,240
    I have 4 or 5 hours round Brecon at the weekend on a new pair of Nobby Nic USTs and they didn't let me down at all... it was pretty dry out.

    To be honest I've had Vert Pros on my other bike for years and whilst it's tricky to compare I'm perfectly happy with the Schwalbes and they'll be staying put for the foreseeable future.