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changed from flats to SPD's . . . a newbies verdict

RockingDadRockingDad Posts: 239
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So I've had my Shimano M520's on the shelf in the shed for a while and fitted them yesterday before going for my first ride for a while due to health probs.

I'd read on here about making sure you practice against a wall to avoid stopping your bike with your face etc so I adjusted the pedals to the lightest tension on the cleat... clipped in and out a few times in the garden and then just went for it.

Honestly, if you've been toying with the idea of getting some but have umm'ed and ahh'ed about it don't bother... just go get them they are brilliant. pedalling just seemed so much easier with them compared to flats and apart from one minor forgetful moment when I clipped out my left foot to set down and shifted my weight to the right (DOH!) all was fine and I was surprised at how quickly I adapted to them.

I haven't however used them on any serious type trails yet so still potential for a problem.

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  • CraziScotCraziScot Posts: 66
    I've been on SPDs for about a month now, absolutely love them. Put my flats back on the other day for something and just couldn't get comfy again.

    Get used to the forgetful moment, I've done it several times in front of family and friends, ending upon my side surrounded by chuckling monkeys!! Few hairy trail moments but guess it was the same on flats at the start........
  • kaytronikakaytronika Posts: 580
    Used to ride SPUDS with my old pair of LX pedals, unfortunately it appears I've missplaced them somewhere in this dump I live in.
    Picked up a pair of the £19 Lidl shoes the other week and am now gonna get me a pair of those M520 pedals.

    Just being able to get a nice strong cycling pedalling motion does wonders to your ride. Also they come in handy for bunny hopping over horse poo. Or in to it as I used to do :oops:
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  • starsky007starsky007 Posts: 185
    I had SPDS on my s-works epic for over 6 months came off a few times on the very muddy trails so i put welgo flats on and ive used them ever since :D over a year now.
    nice new giant trance 3
    also ht coyote
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