Bike Fitting Service......Oh Dear....!!!!

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Yesterday I had a Frame Fitting appointment at Paul Hewitt Cycles in Leyland, Lancashire. Thought it was about time I had one since I've been riding bikes a good 30yrs.......

I'm 6' 5" and have a 35"-36" inside leg but was still amazed when the recommended frame size came out to be 65.5cm c/t for seat tube & 61.8cm c/c for the horizontal top tube. In the past the largest frame I'd used was 62cm and that felt ample.

The thing is after seeing the work on Paul's bikes I've decided I'd like him to build and Audax bike for me but I'm worried its going to look stupidly huge and feel far to large, whilst on the Frame Setting jig I felt comfortable in all positions depending where my hands where on the bars.

Has anyone else had this feeling after a measuring for a frame...? It's going to cost a lot of "hard earned" to buy the finished article and I really need others points of view I think before I take the step.......





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    I can appreciate your surprise at the numbers coming out. Having said that Paul has built more than one frame over the years, so I would have every confidence in his fitting - as you said yourself, all felt comfortable on the jig. :D
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    Same thing happened with me. Paul found a very comfortable position for me on the jig, then came up with a frame size a few cm larger than I would have expected.

    When I took delivery of the bike I thought for a few days that I'd made a terrible mistake - it seemed much to big, but once I'd got used to it I could see he was right, we fit each other like a glove.

    That's the point of using an expert really - if I were you I'd just trust him to get it right.
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    Paul did a great job in 2008 at my measuring for me and amended my position for pain free riding. Really knows what he's doing ......
  • I've got no knowledge or experience of frame fitting jigs, but 65.5cm does not seem unreasonable for a man of your stature. I suspect that the tendency to see it as extraordinary comes from the fact that for many years there were very few builders who could supply frames above 24.5" ie 62cm or thereabouts. I recal a clubmate in the early 70s wanting a 25.5" frame, and being repeatedly told by specialist builders, 'Sorry, my jig only goes upto 24.5"'.

    On the other hand, it's probably a lot of dosh.....
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    I've had two bikes built by Paul. Both have been superb. I would trust his judgement completely!
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    I know nothing of Paul Hewitt, so I can't speak for how right the fit is for you, I can only give you some of my experience.

    Back in the early 90's I had a bike built by Dave Lloyd. I was jigged up and had a bike built by him that was 25", which equates to about 63cm. I am 6ft 3". There is no question that the frame was the right size for me but I found that as a racing cyclist my performances dropped through the floor. Before that I had been riding a 22 1/2" MBK bike which as I grew (I was in my teens) was clearly too small for me, however I REALLY enjoyed riding it.

    I suffered for a long time with that frame and eventually bought a Specialized Allez compact frame which was just a revelation compared to the Lloyd. I am now100% certain that a smaller frame is absolutely a better fit for me, so whenever possible I buy compact frames and if I can't then I won't go any bigger than a 60cm standard frame.

    My advice would be to think hard about what you want from the bike and talk to Paul about your concerns. If he is as good as the guys on this thread say he is then he should listen and give you advice about what you should do. Maybe there would be an opportunity to test ride a bike of that size prior to you buying?