1 of these 2 for sure

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Hi guys, not sure what to do, I will defo be getting one of these two after the bank holiday weekend.

http://www.evanscycles.com/products-com ... 7Cec020001

Im not sure what to do, the hardrock pro is £550 and the rockhopper £700, if i can manage the extra £150 should i get the rockhopper?, is it worth the extra £150?, forks and brakes are the same on both bikes, both lightweight, dunno, if i get the hardrock i could spend the extra on helmet , bike computer, tubes, pump etc,

I know its my choice, but wouldnt mind abit advice from you experianced guys, the bike would be for bombing around local trails, nothing heavy, but is the extra £150 for the rockhopper warranted, it will be my first bike in over 10 years and will have to last me a few years, couldnt afford one of these things every year.

Thanks guys, i'll defo be getting a bike within a fortnight, and will post a pic or 2 in the my bike section.


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    I used to ride a rockhopper and my missus rides a hardrock, both very nice bikes.

    I would suggest you go and ride them both and see which one you like the feel of the most, especially as the rockhopper seems to have a 7 degree sweep on the handlebars and a 7 degree rise on the stem which it doesnt mention on the hardrock and would change the feel of the bike.

    Good luck.
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    The Rockhopper has a higher spec brakes than the Hardrock. The Rockhopper also has a 9 speed setup (27 gears) versus 8 speed on the Hardrock (24 gears). Number of gears isn't really a big deal, but it will make it a bit easier to upgrade in future, should you wish to do so. Only you can decide if that's enough to be worth that extra money. Fit is everything though - try them out and see what fits.

    I'd be really tempted by the Boardman Comp at the same price of the Rockhopper. Lighter, better specced kit and a much better fork.
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    +1 for the Boardman Comp at that price, quality kit and 25.5lbs!

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    No, Hardrock=Donkey Rockhopper=Horse.

    Have both, and wouldn't go anywhere near hardrock. Rockhopper on trails is more agile, you can throw it with no mercy around, and it will even ask more of that. Hardrock on other hand isn't bad, but you do get that level kind of ... remember playing Sega Rally? That self centering steering wheel? It does things but somehow feels that something holding it back.

    Also ... those shifters on Hardrock are an utter cr@p, after few bombing rides had to go back to shop to replace covering glass plastics, and after riding again the same happened, they just pop out and get lost. LBS said it's a problem of X4 shifters, they just gave me more of them to fix at home if needed in future. Deore shifters are way way better, and more reliable in that matter.

    Did ride local trails, and trail centers red+black routes. You will appreciate extra gears BIG TIME, instead of getting off the bike and pushing looking like a failure to your mates. And brakes ... its something that could save your life (maybe not, .... )

    Many would come and say that Rockhopper has a better frame, and it does. Also it is way and much better frame to upgrade later on.
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    Have both, and wouldn't go anywhere near hardrock. Rockhopper on trails is more agile, you can throw it with no mercy around

    The rockhopper and hardrorck pro have nigh on identical geometry though. The hopper fame is a touch lighter.
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    Was at Edinburgh cycles today, had the Hardrock pro disc and Rockhopper out, i just dunno, its hard to explain, the Rockhopper is a better looking bike with slightly higher spec and a better frame, but is it worth that extra £150?, if it had better forks then yes, but i think i will go for the Hardrock, suppose we all have our budgets, i really want the Rockhopper but...£700?, it would leave me little money for helmet, cycle computer, backpack etc etc, i think for the riding i will be doing the Hardrock Pro Disc should serve me well, im in my 40s so not a spring chicken that goes mental, but then theres the other side of me that says its only an extra £150, go for it, why has everybike got its pros and cons?, its enough to send a man crazy. Credit to the guy that helped me out in the shop today, he had all the time in the world for me and seemed to have my best interests at heart, although he did try and sell me a triad 3'0.
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    I wouldn't spend the extra ton fifty. Rockhopper will do fine. The extra gears although handy for range, it aint going to result in you getting off and pushing!! If it does then you need to consider your fitness and nothing else.