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i want to start doing xc racing but would my commencal meta 5.5.3 be alright for it or should i get a more xc type bike.

if so what one. i would want to spend about £800 and i was thinking of something like the cube ltd pro.
has any one heard if it is a good bike?

commencal meta 5.5.3


  • KlausSA
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    Check out the merida range. Find my TFS 500 is pretty good - been used on my local race scene now for two seasons and still going well. Seems tough enough - serviced regularly and rides like its new. All I've done is change the tyres to suit the terrain. Its good hard tail for short XC races and even the endurance ones (100km+)

    For Multi day stuff though I would go for a dualie - find one the 24hr stuff the hard tail starts to get in comfortable. Dont know if the budget though would get in dualie suited for racing