Help! FELT Q920 or Lapierre Tecnic 700?

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Come on y'all, help me out here!

I'm looking at spending £1k on a hardtail. After various trains of thought and whatever, I seem to have found myslef stuck between the FELT Q920 and the LAPIERRE TECNIC 700 bikes. trying to find some helpful reviews on which to go for, but the only one I can find says that the Felt is 'boring'..... Didn't really help much!

What do you guys and girls think? Any help would be very much appreciated. Are these two good bikes to choose from? Which one would you go for, and why? Is there some other bike that I am missing and should be looking at?

Come on, it's friday PM, what else have you got to be doing, let's wind down for the weekend and talk bikes!

Thank you!


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    Have you any links to the exact models?
  • 1976buzz
    1976buzz Posts: 4 ... 7Cec020967

    Hope that helps you, help me.... Thank you!
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    There is not much in them too at all - similar drivetrains: the Felt does get the better fork and wheels, but the Lappiere the better brakes.

    However I would look at the sale bikes if buying from Evans. If you like the Felt, then this is better value, especially frame wise: ... e-ec017069

    But this would be my pick: ... e-ec016408

    Far better fork with motion control damping, lighter frame, better parts and lighter wheels.
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    Thank you Supersonic!

    I actually like that Felt more than the current model. Certainly given me something to think about there. I'd always preffered the way Lapierre looks, but the SixComp looks pretty good too.

    I used to ride a GT (Panter AL) i think it was, and I always struggled with the length of the reach, gave me an uncomfortable riding position, sore neck etc..... I would be concerned of a similar issue with the Zaskar?

    Am I Ok to order SALE bikes if using a Ride2Work scheme to pay for it do you know?

    Thanks again
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    The Zaskar does have a long reach, and only large sizes left. I am not sure of the geo of the felt though, always best to try them.

    As for the scheme, best to contact Evans about how they run it.
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    Hi there,

    I don t know if I can help you but I have a lapierre tecnic 700 for the last 2 years and honestly !!! I am so happy with it ! at the moment I thinking in changing it soon and 98% will be another lapierre !!! If you have any questions or anything I could do for you ! just let me know ! ok !!!
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    Buzz...If its any use I bought a sale bike from Pauls Cycles the original price was £1,500 for the Giant XTC Alliance 1 it was reduced to £999...because it was a sale bike they added 10% back so, which meant I had to pay £100..however if you look at it I have a grand and a half bike that will cost me £750 happy as larry..

    These are worth looking at as you get so much more with your voucher... ... 1b4s2p2290 this would cost £950 and will leave you £50 for accesories..the spec is comparible with your choices..

    Or this for the same price as your choices ... 1b4s2p1686
    Take a look on their site...the service was excellent...ordered Thurs...arrived 8am this morning...the Alliance is amazing been on it today...
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    I actually have the felt Q920 2010, I personally love it, it is a nice bike with a decent spec,

    I would say though I bought my felt for only £850 reduced down from £1000, The 150 quid saving makes it a real steal in my books, so may sway your descision... ... 1b0s2p1596

    I know the juicy 3 brakes are not considered the best brakes if your a large guy, but if youre not a big guy like me, (5'10 12.5st) they have more than enough stopping power. It feels sturdy and agile, plenty of grip from the tires, decent shifters and response. I personally love the bike but its always worth sitting on a few models your stuck between, seeing them in the flesh and then making up your mind is usually a good plan.

    I'd rather have decent forks over brakes at purchase as upgrading the brakes is half the price of upping the forks, but each to their own :)

    Getting the felt for only £850 does give you plenty to spend on a few decent accessories like lights, lock, pump etc
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    go for the felt, you will be carying the lapierre home in 2 peices.