Bike choice?

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I am about to buy a new road bike around £1000-£1200 but need advice on various options.
Should i choose a bike from a relative in the bike industry who can supply a Specialized Secteur/Allez with a good discount
Buy a bike from Ribble (Went and had a look yesterday,very impressed) with a good spec and very good price
If going via the Specialized route do I buy a Secteur Comp or opt for Secteur Elite/Allez and upgrade the wheels/tyres to make more like a Ribble bike although heavier?


  • Be a bit different and have a Ribble. Spesh bikes are ten a penny.
    Bianchi. There are no alternatives only compromises!
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    +1 for Ribble
  • shad3925
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    Many thanks, has anyone upgraded the wheels on a Secteur Comp/Elite and has it altered the weight or performance