rock shox toro 318 u-turn

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Can some ,or does some one know what spring is standard in the above fork ,the reason im 14.6 stone and they feel really soft ,so was thinking of changing the spring ,to extra firm ,not too sure though if this would be right ,any info would be great
cheers neil


  • ride_whenever
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    contact tf tuned to get the appropriate spring for your weight
  • 3110neil
    3110neil Posts: 303
    ive asked tf tuned and had a reply ,firm for xc trails,extra firm if im a more aggressive rider ,based on my weight ,just dont know what spring is in there now ,ive looked at the instruction s to change the spring ,doesnt look that hard ,so might take the spring out to see what it is ,just thought some one might know what the stock spring is
    thanks neil
  • xtreem
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    The stock spring most likely is standard for some 10-11 stone riders.

    And as TF tuned said, for light XC use take the firm, but if you do some jumping or taking some nasty lines take the extra firm.