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Does anybody know anything at all about Stars Wheelsets made in Taiwan?

I have used Wellgo stuff from this seller before & it has been quite good but I just cannot find much on the net about these wheels. They look nice & would be a cheaper alternative to replacing my Campagnolo rear wheel. I am only really commuting these days on my Avanti & it cops a bit of a hiding.

I am not looking for "oh they are Taiwanese they must be crap" comments, I am looking for comments from people who have actually had experience with them.



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    At the weight of: -

    Front: 1000g
    Rear 1235g

    I wouldn't go anywhere near them, you can get equivalent for well under a £100 in the UK that are lighter.
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    Anything with Quando hubs - seriously avoid - quality is garbage and spares non-existent e.g. freehubs.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    Thanks guys,

    They went for $96 + $32 for delivery.

    The Cheapest Shimano wheels I can have delivered to OZ for $150 from CRC.

    The problem I have is that I have two sets of wheels, a set of Campagnolo Scirocco 20's & pair of Mavic's that came with the bike.

    I broke a spoke & then buckled it within a week, when I took it back to the shop they guy told me that the wheel was shot. Annoyed me a bit because I would have liked to have known before I spent 50 bucks on reparining it the first time.
    The front wheel is fine.

    On the Mavic's the rear wheel is fine but the bearing race in the front hub has pitting from rust due to lack of use, apart from that the hub is fine.

    Now can run the odd combination but the road bike wanker in me doesnt like the mis-matched set, the mountain biker in me doesnt care, Im a bit torn on the issue.

    As I rely on it as a commuter I like having the spare wheel so I can keep going while the other is being repaired.

    A bit of extra weight doesnt worry me, just hardens me up.

    Anyway, I have loaded the Barnetts manual so I might have a go at replacing the front Mavic hub & see how I go.

    Oh I am a bit of a newby when it comes to bikes, had them when I was a kid but only got back into it a couple of years ago.