Fast Rolling Tyre Reccomendations Please!

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Hi All,

As the title explains i'm after any suggestions on which tyres i should purchase, i will mainly be riding on roads/off road paths (yellow crushed stone paths around where i live) and am looking for fast rolling tyres that can take in trails aswell when called upon.

Some i have seen are Conti Race/Speed kings,kenda small block 8's and Schwalbe racing Ralph's....Are these any good.

All ideas welcome and appreciated.
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  • DiegoMDM
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    I can recommend you the Continental Town & Country, or the Serfas Drifter (on my commuter and all around riding bike for a year and 4 months, only 2 flats on the rear and a lot of thread to go).
    These may seem like not enough, but i have been doing light DH, jumps, all weather riding, cross country,road riding, commuting and have never been dissapointed.
    Especially considering suggested MSRP.
  • hoochylala
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    Racing Ralphs get my vote front and back for what your after :) (I sound like a broke record!)
  • asdfhjkl
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    Racing Ralphs are good. Panaracer Razers are like a poor mans version of the RR, but also a good tyre. Very fast. Conti Mountain Kings are a bit more aggressive than the Race King and Speed King and may be more suited to your trail riding, depending on what the trail conditions are like.
  • joshtp
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    Kenda small block 8 on the back, with something a bit gripier on the front for those inevatble patches that are still damp... maybe a 2.35 highroller.
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  • El Capitano
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    Maxxis Wormdrives are very fast rolling and the side knobbles give you grip when needed off-road.
  • blister pus
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    Check out the Michelin XC Hard Terrain. Great tyre for the money, ideal for what you want and this time of year. They come in a generous rounded 2.0 so are comfortable but roll really well and grip well within their intended parameters.
  • peter413
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    Maxxis Minion SP 2.35 60a on the front, Maxxis Holy Roller 2.4 60a on the rear

    pump them both up to about 60 psi (maybe 50 psi on the front) and they roll amazingly well but still have loads of grip :D

    Alternatively if you aren't doing serious off roading or only riding in the dry the 2 holy rollers
  • Surf-Matt
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    Spesh Sauserwinds - yes they are skinny (1.8) but they are by far the best tyre I've ever had - fast rolling, good in mud, light and also cheap.