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Fox Talas 36r nightmare on elm street

foxfitness2009foxfitness2009 Posts: 56
edited April 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Can anyone help??

Long story but I will give a breif sumary.

The rebound side of my forks took a beating on sat and ripped my nut and crush waher clean of my lowers, the bolt its self has snapped, I have checked the compression chamber and all is fine apart from the rod that sits in it with the thread at the end for the crush washer and bolt.
The lowers have a few scrapes but noting a bit of paint wont rectify.

I know I can send them to MOJO and pay £100 for the whole thing to be replaced but it really doesnt need it.

I have searched high and low on ebay for people selling broken forks the part I need
any penny saving tips or advice would be much appriciated as my Morewood is sitting alone in my livingroom looking very sad.


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