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what type of chainset is this?

GraydawgGraydawg Posts: 673
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Guys I am needing to confirm what type of chainset this is?

Currently on my bike it says its a SHimano M442 Chainset which was standard on my bike. It's pretty worn out now and needs replaced, so I was going to just change it over for the same one - which as far as I can tell is this one However this says it's square taper. When I took the hex nut off the front it doesn't look like a square taper, as I can see right through the BB??

Is this an Octalink or a square taper?? My understanding of square taper BB was this:


Attached are some photos of my current chainset. Can you help me and confirm or deny if the one from Chainreaction is the same as the one which is on my bike and if so, will be a like for like replacement?

Thanks for your help in advance!! :)



It's been a while...


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