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hi, ive been offered a cracking deal on a litespeed ghisallo and i was wondering if, at 173ibs (75kgs) i am too heavey for the frame - i know the frame has no rider limit but the light weight of the ti frame does worry me. im also 5ft 8 and the frame is a M/L.

any help out there??
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    definitely get a ride on it first - tis a lot of money to shell out if unsure of fit.
    i'm the same height and from experience the M/L was just too stretched (for me) yet the medium was spot on.
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    Crikey you're worried about being 75Kg! You're a bloody lightweight. Buy it and get on it!

    No real help I know but if these bikes were only suitable for riders less than 75Kg it would be a pretty limited market!
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    here is some info to help you make a decision.
    I have a second generation ghisallo ML size, and weight about 67kg. i warn you it is a marmite product - great in the right hands but not ideal for all types of riders. for example, natural big gear stompers, lard-arses starting out :roll: or people who need a more upright position.

    as far as i know there were 3 versions of Ghisallo, so check which version is on offer. version 1 has less oversizing at the BB, was potentially too flexible to be satisfying to ride in a demanding way, and got most of the bad press - although to be fair i never tried one.

    also check what forks are on offer. most of the review bikes of all versions were leant to journalists on litespeed forks. i did try them on a test ride. in my opinion the litespeed forks i test rode were not great in situations needing maximin stiffness (such as steep downhill T-junctions). they were responsible for some of the bad press 'this' frame acquired. i would avoid these forks unless you can sell them on.
    Easton EC90 or Edge forks would be great alternatives.

    there are stiffer frames but for perspective i have noticed flex three times in 5 years. you might think out of the saddle sprinting or pushing hard on descents would produce flex but for me these modes see the frame respond at its best.

    grinding a big gear sat in the saddle at very low revs on a 20% climb while pulling hard on the bars for 20 yards is the nearest i have got to realising it is not the stiffest. for me this is a small price to pay in exchange for ride comfort and downhill precision.

    i also have a Focus Izalco carbon frame with carbon deep section wheels that is great fun to ride on smooth roads but shakes me to bits on rough roads. only the tubular tyres make it bearable in those situations. the Ghisallo beats the pants off the focus on descents.
    interestingly, comparing stiffness, the two bikes don't feel that different sprinting or climbing.

    one other thing - check that you are happy with a low racing position. the headtube is much shorter than modern frames. it is perfect for me because i can get down really low. version 3 has a slightly longer headtube than the others. you probably won't help the precision on descents if you have to runs lots of spacers.
    handling is nervous and agile. i found it absolutely perfect for avoiding potholes on tight twisty descents in UK sportives, but some riders would say the lack of stablity is off putting.

    i think the game has moved on significantly in the last 5 years since i bought mine but if the price is good and you fit the narrow criteria, it could be a good choice for you. one thing to consider, most other frames on sale are suitable for heavy big gear stompers but for the rest of us, we don't need the same thing. the Ghisallo is for us :lol:

    the Ghisallo is super super light for Ti. mine still looks like new after 5 years because the titanium is brushed finish, and the ride quality is 100% perfect for UK frost damaged roads.

    it would be more of a risk to buy this blind than almost any other frame i could think of.
    as the Ghisallo is clearly a Marmite product, i agree with another poster that the only way to be sure is to test ride one first.

    you can probably try mine for a short ride if you live nearby (hampshire).
  • just reread my post form way back and thought i'd respond as to what happened.

    Didnt opt for the ghisallo but did go for a 2005 vortex in 53 (med), which a mate of mine sent over from the states for me. I absolutely love this frame, its my summer ride and ive dont a few 100+mile rides on her and she has proved comfortable, lightweight and forgiving!. The 05 model was the last before the vortex went all compact and what swung it for me was the seller was the original owner and had a few custom bits added notably cable stops on the headtube and a non non-integrated headtube (i can use my king ti yeehaa!). I dont think im going to part with this bike for a very long time, if ever.
    Moots Routt RSL -summer days
    Moots Farwell - trail
    Lynskey GR270 ti- gravel
    Ibis Mojo HD3 - rough stuff