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Cunego's bike at Amstel

GingerflashGingerflash Posts: 239
edited April 2010 in Pro race
Did anyone else notice his bike?

It seemed to be one of the fluoro yellow Cipollinis of the ISD team. What's that all about?


  • cspcsp Posts: 777
    Petacchi's bike has a custom paintjob as well
  • GingerflashGingerflash Posts: 239
    Ah I see. Not an ISD bike after all. That makes a bit more sense, though the colour doesn't.
  • KléberKléber Posts: 6,842
    It's got you talking about it :wink:

    Mission accomplished.
  • Hee hee. Whilst writing an assignment dealing with International Marketing, this made me lol
  • GingerflashGingerflash Posts: 239
    It got me thinking "bloody cheapskates, had to borrow a bike of another team".

    Then when I relaised it actually was Willier, it made me think "why oh why must a rider dressed in bright blue and fluoro pink choose to ride a fluoro yellow bike?".

    I'll get my sheet steel elsewhere in future.
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