what Hardtail?

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Hello all,

I just wanted some advice on buing a nice hardtail - contenders are:

Carrera fury - £440 from Halfords - good reviews

Genesis core 20 - £630 from LBS - is it worth spending £200 more?

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated



  • i was looking at buying a carrera fury albeit 3 years ago and it was the best bike i could find around the £600 mark (so £440 looks like a good price) however the next day i went in to buy and the boardman bikes had literally just been put up on display 10 mins before i went in.
    long story short i left with a boardman comp for a little more money however the value for money is better

    but to your original question i'd personally buy the Genesis core 20 (or a similar bike for £600 i think there are better options than the genesis) as i think it's worth the extra £200 as the higher quality components will last longer and buying from an LBS (almost) guarantee's that if anything goes wrong you could take it back in and have it sorted and it won't fall apart in the first place.
    If you were to buy the Fury, i'd check the bike over thoroughly once collected because the monkeys at halfords cannot be trusted! alot of storys of cranks falling off!!

    It depends if £200 is alot and whether you can afford it but i'd definatly buy the bike you can with the funds avaliable. i.e. get as much out of your £600 as possible!!
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    Fury is the better bike in most ways. Better fork, brakes, and wheels, and the frames are broadly equivalent. The drivetrain's roughly equivalent apart from the HORRIBLE crank on the Fury but that's a nice easy upgrade point. The rest of the finishing kit is reasonably comparable.

    Even if they cost the same I'd still say get the Fury tbh. To be fair I've not ridden the core 20, only the 30 but it wasn't anything special. IIRC the 20 is more or less the same but with a fork downgrade. Other'n the crank there's no big pitfalls in the Fury's build, it's all good sensible stuff. Brakes are a step back from last year's model's Tektros but I guess Avid looks better on a specsheet

    Oh, can't say this from personal experience but I'm told that the cranks on carreras are factory fitted so if that's right seems a bit harsh to blame the shop staff ;)
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