Disco Brakes

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Has anyone heard of this lot before?


They have a massive range of products at daft prices, especially on multiple/bulk purchases and free postage as well. Sounds almost too good to be believed.

Has anyone got any views on the quality of their brake pads, particularly those for carbon rims?


  • PK1
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    used them for normal tiagra compatable blocks, seem very good value for money and arrived in 2 days. I think i got 8 pairs of blocks for £13.50 !!
  • I'm using a 2 sets of their 52mm Shimano compaitble pads in black compound (they claim they're all the same). They fitted my generic Cannondale shoes perfectly and give good brake feel and plenty of power. Similar ridiculous prices to above.
  • Aren't they part of Carbon Cycles/Exotic? good Company afaik?
  • Yeah, it appears that way from the site links. The don't share a basket/checkout though. Will defo be trying their Elixr pads out too.