How do I repair chipped carbon clear laquer coat?

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After a fall the other day, I have a chipping of the top coat on my Campag Centaur carbon brake lever. It is not serious and has just caused a small area to flake off.

My question is, what should I use to repair the chip? Some sort of laquer? LBS guy said seal it with a bit of Superglue, but I don't like the sound of trying to 'spread' Superglue over a small area! Likely to be typing one handed asking how to remove fingers from a brake lever!!!!! I assume it needs something to seal it from the elements........

So any suggestions?




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    Go to Halfords and get some Epoxy resin, mix and apply then 1200 wet & dry
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    I'm sure I've seen someone on here mention clear nail varnish before, but that may have been a whole different topic they were on about!
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    Epoxy resin e.g. araldite would do the trick.

    I find that applying sellotape over the resin helps it to form the right shape far more easily than mucking about trying to sand it down to shape afterwards.
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    Get a touch up pen in Clear Laquer from Halfords or similar.
    Paint over the affected area.
    Let it dry for several days minimum,then get some fine wet-n-dry paper and go over it until its smooth a flush with the surrounding area then buff back up with a bit of T-Cut.

    Worked on a set of ITM Carbon forks,also I used to be a S.M.A.R.T repairer(Think chips on bumpers) and its the same principal thats used on them.
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