Schwalbe Evo & ORC versions

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Looking around at Rocket Rons and Racing Ralphs, there are Evo and ORC versions of both tyres. As far as I can tell the ORC version is heavier, less grippy and slower, which to me kind of defeats the object of buying a RoRo or a RaRa in the first place.

Just wondered if I'm missing something?


  • nicklouse
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    Ok i think you are missing the Evo infos.

    Evo is the carcass.

    ORC and Triple compounds are the well its in the name.
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    Isn't the heavier one the tubeless version? I use the light ones with tubes, and they are excellent for speed etc. I think you can also set them up tubeless, but the heavier ones are a bit more durable for this purpose. Not entirely sure though!
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