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Just bought a bianchi c2c via nirone £900 by the time I got the clipless pedals on,. Very dissapointed with the "road buzz" through the this normal or do I need to reduce the tyre pressure, although it's at the recommended 7 bar. The gear set up was abysmal as well, kept skipping a gear and grinding too. Managed to do a better job myself even though I'm a complete amatuer. Compared to my Gaint defy 3, not terribly impressed with it but............I still love it, looks the dogs doodahs and there is something about it.


  • my Raleigh Avanti u6 had problems with gear skips when it was delivered. Easy enough to fix though, with just a few screw turns.

    My spesh allez dampened the road spectacularly, but my Raleigh feels the road a tad more, despite both being alu with carbon front forks. Maybe its just a case of getting used to it?

    Is the frame size smaller than your last bike? Maybe your putting more weight on your arms, at which point you will feel the road more up through your shock absorbers (arms!)

    Hope you get it sorted as Summer is nearly upon us =D
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    The Nirone is aluminium with a carbon fork? I'd expect it to be a lot stiffer than your Giant which would account for the buzz. I remember the same feeling when I first rode my Kinesis KiC2 which is alu with carbon fork and chainstays. Felt like it was shaking itself to pieces even on smooth tarmac, but I don't notice it at all anymore so must have got used to it at some point. Being a bit nervous on a new bike might contribute too, holding the bars too tight and being too tense.

    One thing I would definitely recommend is thick padded bar tape. Specialized BG bar phat has a stupid name but is good as it has gel pads that go under the tape. Makes the handlbars really chunky and comfortable.
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    The Spez phat bar tape seems to damp buzz out well.

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  • Thanks Guy's. Good point about the frame size. I find it is a lower position hence more weight on the bars I suppose. Hadn't thought of that. As for the gel tape, might give it a go if I can't get used to it. Apart from that, really like it. It's sitting in my dining room at the wife is being very patient but I'm not sure how long that's gonna last :)
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    Haha, pretty much the same situation as me, have the same bike (2010 Xenon model) and been noticing a lot of road buzz. I keep the bike in the living room! Girlfriend has learnt to deal with it now so I'm hoping that's its permanently spot.

    Heard good things about the Bontrager Buzzkill bar plugs which are supposed to cut down road buzz but I haven't got any yet, just hoping to get used to it. Would thicker bar tape really help if you're mainly holding onto the hoods which are connected directly to the bars not via the bar tape? And does the Specialized tape come in Celeste? :D
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    Another possible area to look at is tyres. Off the peg bikes are often slightly comprimised by 'budget' tyres - a replacement set would often be grippier, lighter and roll better (ie. be more compliant). :D
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  • Assuming tyre pressure is set at maximum rating, take 5-10 psi out and try it again.

    Install gel pads (Specialzed and Fizik) under your bar tape.

    Buy some carbon fibre 'ergo' handle bars. (For your long term health, obviously)
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    25mm tyres at lower pressures. Lower pressure in front tyre.

    There's a graph somewhere telling you what pressure to use with which tyre size, and it varies with the weight on the wheel (weight of bike plus rider split 60:40 rear:front)
  • Thanks again for all the advice. I've lowered the tyre pressures a smidge and this has helped. I may think about changing the tyres when these wear out, which will probably be at the end of the month the rate I'm using it. I'll take my chance with punctures in the meantime.